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“America’s Japanese Hostages: The WW II Plan for a Japanese-Free Hemisphere”


Following the Pearl Harbor attack, FDR’s Administration promptly began rounding up, seizing – kidnapping – Latin Americans of Japanese background. Citizenship was easily side-stepped, particularly in Peru where more than half of the “kidnapees” originated. They were transported to special INS camps in Texas and other locations where over a third were traded for American POWs held by the Japanese military.

But, that’s not the end of the story. For nearly all from Peru, it was only “Intermission” between Act One and Act Two of this life-changing drama. At war’s end, the US attempted to return them and Peru refused to readmit them. Many would be trapped in the US until the mid-1950s when it was finally resolved.

Never heard of this? You weren’t supposed to.

And, you weren’t supposed to learn this: the program’s final goal was the removal of ALL Japanese from the hemisphere.

This is one of the greatest stories of WWII you’ve never heard.


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“Dr. Culture Unlocks the Secrets of American Culture”


Most American Culture books written for the International say little about the most important issue: The American Cultural Structure. They instead, describe how to get a driver’s license, shopping, public behavior, leasing an apartment, etc.

Most importantly, they do not explain the historical-social “Why” behind the observable “What” of American Culture Hi-Value components. For example, Individualism. Did you know Americans are the most Individual-focused culture on the planet? Do you know the “Why” behind this? If not, you might mistake American Individualism for selfishness and you would be wrong.

But, by learning the “Why” of this highest-value US cultural component, the international now understands American Individualism — both in general and in the behavior of their American colleagues.

Dr. Culture does this by employing his successful “Kultural Kung Fu” teaching techniques. In this book, Dr. C explains both the “What” and the “Why” of American Hi-Value Cultural Components. This allows the International to use their new knowledge to their advantage instead of just “dealing with” frustrating cross cultural issues between their home culture and the American’s cultural structure.

Two audiences will benefit from this excellent work: international students or non-US employees working in the US, tourists and international military members as well as…the Americans themselves.

Connell’s work is a fresh, personal and enjoyable approach to Cross Cultural learning complete with illustrative anecdotes accumulated from over two decades of working with international personnel.

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