Cross Cultural, Intercultural, Diversity Presentations

Cross Cultural Communications, Intercultural Communications,
Cultural Diversity Presentations
For Americans Working With Internationals


BUSINESS MANAGEMENT NEWSFLASH! TIME, SPEED, AND DISTANCE ARE GONE! The only distance remaining? The distance between cultures. Our American cultural “programming” provides each of us a particular way of thinking, seeing and interpreting the world around us. Even if we speak the language of the new culture, the same words or actions can mean different things to the other cultures with whom we work. Americans are fairly new to cross cultural appreciation and quickly overlook or dismiss its importance.

The reality, however, is that in the international world, minor cultural “things” can become huge, costly, events; from international sales program management disasters, to work-stoppage or student failure events, all could have been avoided or minimized with practical, useable knowledge of the new culture.

Dr. Culture’s training programs pay big dividends to his clients — consistently. Moreover, his unique and enjoyable “Kultural Kung Fu™” method of instruction explains the hidden, practical components of other cultures and shows the American how to use these cultural secrets to their advantage.