University International Students, IMSOs, International Employees, Senior Fellows, Diplomats

Presentations For Internationals Working With Americans


A large percentage of Americans comment the Americans have no culture since we came from everywhere. Yet, any non-American residing in the US will disagree saying the Americans have – and exhibit – a distinct cultural structure. For nearly two decades, Dr. Culture has successfully dealt with this unique phenomena; explaining to internationals what many Americans say does not exist — American Culture!

With the information contained in his American Culture presentations, he has seen, generations-old confusion and misunderstanding of American Culture simply evaporate. Although they may not agree with all components the American Culture, now it makes sense to them. Result: your non-US students, visitors, foreign exchange students, military personnel, executive-level government officials understand not only the “What” of American Culture but also “Why.”

Utilizing his “Kultural Kung Fu™” instruction method, your international’s cultural tension level drops dramatically. Result: now they can fully concentrate on their academic pursuits, training, job performance in the American company, etc, without the nagging diversions of culturally offending others.