Dr. Culture Cross-Cultural, Intercultural Communications, and Diversity Expert, Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Author

Dr. Culture (AKA Dr. Thomas Connell) is a member of the National Speakers Association and President of Interlink Consulting Services, Inc. This company delivers specialized, Business Management, Intercultural and Diversity Training for International Program Managers, Expatriates, Study Abroad participants, as well as IMSOs, US and International Special Forces, Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and Security Assistance personnel.

Dr. C is a featured Keynote speaker and lecturer at National Defense University, Army War College, and the US Coast Guard’s Yorktown Training Center.

Tom holds a BS in Journalism, MS in International Human Resource Management, and a PhD in US-Latin America Diplomatic History. A former military officer, Connell worked with US Special Operations Forces for almost a decade developing and directing the only Cross-Cultural Communications course in the Department of Defense.


He is the author of the popular “Dr. Culture’s Newsletter,” (example: http://bit.ly/2GOB39w) a subscription publication explaining American cultural components, US historical issues, and activities for each month. The newsletter is written for international students and non-US employees working for American businesses while in the US or their home country and included free access to Dr. Culture Radio, a 30-minute internet radio/television program (example: http://bit.ly/2D7FzMK).

International students first called Connell “Dr. Culture.” It quickly became his professional name and is now a registered trademark.